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1C announces Devil’s Hunt with gruesome trailer

Devil's Hunt Announced

Russian games publisher 1C Company has announced a new game, Devil’s Hunt. The new game is being developed by Layopi Games and takes players on a journey through hell and back.

Player will undertake a journey with Desmond, a mortal stuck between an ongoing war between Angels and Demons. Desmond has come into the unenviable position of having inherited unique demonic powers that place him in the unique position to break the deadlock between Heaven and Hell. You’ll have a variety of unique abilities that develop over the course of the game in order to complete this task.

The game will take the player across multiple locales, both in ancient and modern times. There will also be a heavy focus on exploration and lore throughout these areas.

Game director Michał Sadowski had the following to say:

The game features a heavy storyline that brings you back and forth between hell, modern USA, and an ancient city. We plan some puzzles to solve, as well as many other obstacles that the player will have to cope with. Devil’s Hunt is intended as the first game of the series, and we want to put a strong focus on introducing the player to the game world and lore behind it.

So it will then be up to Desmond, and the player, to decide which mantle to take up. Will you be the savior or ultimate destroyer of the world of humanity as you pick a side in this brutal war?

The game is based upon the Polish novel Equilibrium by Paweł Leśniak who founded Layopi Games in order to turn the book’s story into a game.

Devil’s Hunt will be released in 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game down below.

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