How to become a Bus Driver in BitLife

How to complete the Fast and Furious Challenge in BitLife

There are so many different career options and life paths in CandyWriter’s mobile sim. BitLife has far too many options to cover in just this one guide, though. You do need to get a driver’s license to get this job. Here’s how to become a more menial job, the bus driver in BitLife. It’s a pretty simple job to get, and it just takes time and a bit of luck.

if you want to become a Bus Driver, simply create a character and age up until you finish high school. The process of education doesn’t matter for this simple job, assuming you are not trying for any challenge that requires a better education. Just age your way up and when you get to 16, you can take the driving test.

You will need to answer a few questions before you can get your driver’s license.  All the questions are about identifying basic American road signage, very easy. Once you have your driver’s license, you will be ready to apply for a Bus Driver job.

Whenever you want to get the job, head into the menu. The Bus Driver job in the game is a random occurrence within the jobs menu. Go into the Occupations tab and look through the various options for the Bus Driver job. You will need to put a bunch of effort into finding it, as you only get the offer randomly. Once the job offer comes up, apply to it and you’re all done.

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