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Imperium announces new extortion racket [UPDATED]


UPDATE: An extensive series of leaks regarding alleged collusion among Imperium and other Null alliances has been posted on Reddit. A variety of logs and screenshots have created a damning series of allegations against the TMC kickstarter for the Fountain War book. Check the thread here. As expected, the resulting threads are filled with bickering and counter allegations.

The Imperium, or the Mittani’s cult of personality according to Reddit, has recently announced their new “Viceroyalty” program. An extortion scheme aimed at using Imperium military prowess to harvest ISK and resources off the backs of the alliances living in the NullSec and LowSec space around the Imperium.

At first glance the flaws of this idea become apparent; giving the immediate impression that this idea will either quickly burn out, or exists as a means of content creation and nothing more. The plan relies on the Imperium using it’s Capital forces across multiple regions to burn down dozens of POSs at once. Needless to say, but this might be too tall of an order even for the largest coalition in the game.

The running narrative throughout the responses to this announcement can only be summarized as dismissive. Most of the EVE community sees the Imperium reacting to the recent hysteria surrounding the “Fountain War” kickstarter like one would expect a child to react. There isn’t much hope or faith that the Imperium will carry out it’s new racket.

No matter how the plan is laid out, many forces within EVE will likely be converging on the Imperium in order to extract their pound of flesh.

The details can be seen below.


The Imperium’s fleet has arrived at your border. You hold space in a neighboring region to The Imperium. It is time to pay up. A radio message is sent to your leaders and diplomats. The fate of your region and your people is in your hands…


On November 23 on the Imperium forums, The Mittani, alliance leader of Goonswarm Federation and The Imperium coalition, announced plans to create a super empire in New Eden. His plan, which was laid out to all members of the Imperium, is quite simple: Bend the knee and enjoy the benefits of The Imperium, or be evicted and replaced with someone who will. The message was quickly passed around Reddit, but has now been made official as of November 30.


The Imperium’s plan, organized under the Ministry of Foreign Oversight (MiniFo), involves viceroys, or governors, contacting regional leaders with an offer that comes with two options. The first option is to take the benefits package of The Imperium in return for simple, reasonable bimonthly fees and/or tribute. The second option is much more violent; If a subject alliance denies the offer, the full might of The Imperium will deploy and exterminate the subject alliance’s sovereignty and assets. At first, there will be loads resistance and rebellion, but that is the point! Resistance means war, and war means everyone gets to shoot spaceships. “Rebellions and traitors,” The Mittani said, “will be put down by The Imperium’s power-projection SIGs.”

The Mittani’s post on goonfleet.com also stated, “This is possible now only due to the quirks of Fozziesov attempting to break everyone else in nullsec into tiny, shattered groups inside one region, where we stand unbroken. Previously blocs opposed blocs; now, what can stop us from extracting taxes from a region like Cloud Ring or Fountain?”


Some of the greatest benefits from the program include discounts on ridiculously priced blueprints and super/titan building in GSF space, while subject alliances are expected to fork over taxes and a percentage of the moongoo. Although the plan is still in the developmental and brainstorming phases, here are some of the working details that were released:


No Blue standings with subjects
Defense Obligations to subjects
No Official Logistics Work for subjects
No Sovholding by The Imperium

Discounted high-investment goods: XL Citadel BPCs, Titan/Supercarrier BPCs, Outpost BPCs
Supercapital Construction: Subjects can put an altcorp in GSF and build supers/titans for their own members (not the open market)
Intel and Connections: the Viceroy can give information and contacts across the galaxy to aid a subject, at the Viceroy’s discretion.
Guides to set up Reaction Chains & Improve Finance, Org Creation, Fleet Doctrines (possibly unwise)
Goonmetrics as a Market Tool
(Possible) Miniluv Exemption: those who bend the knee won’t be blown up en route to Jita – additional monthly fee for safety
Non-Invasion Pact: AKA ‘The Imperium won’t exterminate you’, won’t attack the hard assets of subjects, though ships may be blown up randomly on roams.

20% of Goo produced by Subject Moons, as confirmable by recon and prorated given changes in ownership
Alternative: Forced Discount, The Imperium buys all of subject’s goo sold in Jita at an enforced 10-15% discount under market.
PI Taxation – Customs Fees
Station Refinery Taxes – Refined minerals at a certain low rate
Region-Specific Special Goods – Buyback programs for Faction BPCs where applicable
Citadel Taxes – ISK per allowed citadel station
ISK Tribute – More inflammatory than other methods, but a possibility written down

Taxes are delivered twice a month
Taxes are delivered to Jita by the subject, not the viceroy.
Viceroys of subject alliances will receive 5% of the taxes/tribute taken

Like it or not, the new empire is becoming a reality. With The Imperium’s current campaign in the evacuated region of Cloud Ring, we may see this plan put into action a lot sooner than later.

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