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Nightwave Week 10 Quests revealed

Warframe Nightwave Update 1 Live

We’re back again with the newest batch of Nightwave event tasks. There are the usual Daily goals which can be easily achieved with normal dedicated play, but things really heat up when Warframe fans take on the more difficult tasks as Weekly quests. There’s the basic variant and the more reward Elite variants. And yes, we have tips for how to accomplish these goals quickly. Let’s get going Tenno.

Normal Weekly Quests

Nightwave Week 10 Cetus Bounty

The easiest goal this week is pretty simple, just head to Cetus on Earth and take on the bounties there. This is a good source of rep for Ostron, but there’s another added bonus to knocking these out early in the week. Doing these bounty runs is actually a great way to farm the relics for Saryn Prime and Valkyr Prime, so you probably already want to do bounty runs during the week before these rare frames leave at the end of the month.

Nightwave Week 10 Unlock Relics

This is the next easiest mission, as even brand new players should be able to crack three Relics in quick succession. Don’t worry about going for Radiants or rare drops as a new player, but if you’re willing to invest the Void Traces, the added Emissary bonus to your regular Relic farming process can be useful for experienced players.

Nightwave Weekly Clem

Clem is back again in Week 10, and its just as easy as ever to complete his mission. Head to any relay, use the fast-travel option to the ‘Darvo Deal’ and ask Darvo if Clem needs your help, this will trigger a special mid-to-high level mission that you can do for a special reward. Just keep reviving Clem if he goes down and things will be easy. Either a speedy frame with evasive play style or a tanky frame with a head-on approach works here.

Nightwave Week 10 Sanctuary Researcher

The next set task if a fairly random one, so expect to put some time in here. The actual process of doing this whole thing is a bit complicated. Cephalon Simaris missions are a special type of mission found on Relays that has the player taking out unique targets. You may have noticed the Cephalon fragments scattered throughout missions, be sure you’re scanning those with the Codex Scanner when you see them, they’re important.

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This particular weekly task will see players looking for Synthesized spawns to then scan with the Synth Scanner. These targets have varied spawns and can be hard to find, luckily the Warframe community is very helpful and there’s an up-to-date guide on finding these blighters.

Nightwave Week 10 Cache Hunter

A lot of new players struggle with finding these caches in mission, but there’s a trick to it. Although it does require a keen sense of hearing, or really good headphones. Turn off the in-game music and listen for the subtle pings.

Earth sabotage mission (Cervantes) and Void sabotage (Marduk) are often recommended for long-term players, as they have memorable layouts. Although any mission you are very familiar with the layout and rotations of will work best.

Elite Weekly Quests

Nightwave Week 10 Night Terror

Nightmare missions are much tougher variants of existing mission types, as such, they’re best done in a high-level group. Just trawl the Star Map and look for the red nodes, those denote Nightmare variants. Once will spawn per day, then reset the next day to a new node. Be careful though as they often have rather tough modifiers, like No Shields, High Status and Low Gravity which completely alter the way you should approach that mission.

Nightwave Week 10 Grove Guardian

Undoubtedly the hardest quest in the Elite block is this one for Week 10. Trying to hunt down these rare spawns can be a real pain. To farm Silver Grove Specters, you need to have completed the Silver Grove quest for starters. You will need to make some Apothics as well, so this is definitely out of bounds for the newest players as grinding those blueprints take some real time investment.

The basic idea is to head to Earth and do generic Grineer missions in Forest tilesets, but the added wrinkle of doing them at night to get the Silver Grove to spawn makes this even more annoying. Once you get the area to spawn, then it’s time to take down the rather tough targets for this task. A tanky and status-resistant frame is great for this without too much trouble.

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