How to have an alien encounter in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

There are a lot of weird randomized events in CandyWriter’s mobile sim, BitLife. You can do pretty much anything in this game. Whether you want to be a drug dealer or the president of a country, it’s all possible. A lot of the events are random, and some are harder to get than others. Players will have to do some extra stuff to tilt the odds in their favor. There’s one event that X-Files fans will love, and that’s to have an alien encounter.

How to have an alien encounter in BitLife

The crux of this random event is being a pilot. You’re technically spotting a UFO in-game, so you need to be a pilot to have an alien encounter in BitLife. You will want to go to college for starts, so spend some time early in life getting good grades and high Smarts. This will help with getting a job as a pilot.

To become a pilot, you need to go through a few steps. You need to be fairly wealthy for one thing, as you have to own your own plane. Get into university and graduate Grad School with a Biology or Psychology degree.

After you’ve wrapped up your initial education, you can begin pilot training. Go to the Activities tab and search for pilot’s school under the Licenses option. You need to attend 40 hours of the training via in-game time, and once that’s done it’s time to take the pilot test. You will need to have $960 saved up to take the test.

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Once you have passed the pilot’s license exam, you can go on to become a pilot. Go into the Assets tab at this point and shop for a plane via the relevant Go Shopping section on that menu. The events you get while flying seem to be based on the condition of your plane, so go out and buy one that has yellow condition. This lower-quality plane seems to have a better chance of getting the random event.

Once you own the plane and want to go flying, to into the Assets menu. Choose the plane and select the option to go flying. During flight, various good and bad events can happen. Since the UFO sighting is technically a negative event, the low-condition planes seem to have a better chance of it occurring. Once you’re up in the air, the random event can fire. If you don’t get it, just restart the app and repeat the process. Do this until you have an alien encounter.

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