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Pokemon Masters Gets Three New Chapters, Calem and Espurr, and Torchic

New mobile game, Pokemon Masters, announced

Pokemon Masters newest weekly patch introduces some new content that fans are going to love. You take control of a trainer whose attempting to battle their way to the top of the extraordinarily tough Masters League, by battling your way through legions of legendary Trainers from all over the different regions and generations of the Pokemon games.

Starting this week Pokemon Masters has also added a new login bonus of 50 gems a day for 14 days. This will hopefully encourage you to hop in and try out the new content. The new content is a new set of three story chapters, each of which has star Trainers and new Pokemon to battle. The addition of these three chapters now means that, at least for now, the overall story of the game is completely in said game.

The update expands the variety of story chapters within the mobile title, offering more battles to fight. There is a ton of story in this game, so be prepared to make it for the long haul. The patch will also make other adjustments to the game beyond new story content. Both the level cap will be increased to 120, and a new difficulty mode will be added for extra challenge to veteran players.

The game itself is pretty simple. Pokemon Masters centers around the Masters League situated on Pasio Island. Each year, trainers from all over the various regions vie for the title of champion in this prestigious tournament. The game centers around three vs. three battles, where you use teams constructed from Sync Parts to take on various trainers and their signature Pokemon. Battles are intense and tactical, and the extra layers of how you build your teams can potentially satisfy more meta-heavy players. A big part of these battles are the special Sync Moves, which allow players to inflict special effects upon their team or their opponent.

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