How to get a Level 2 Axe in Grounded

Tier 2 Insect Axe in Grounded

These are the higher-tier versions of tools you can build on your own. The basic Tier I tools will be found by unlocking the recipe from scanning items in the analyzer. The upper tier of tools is unlocked as you scan more resources. These Tier II items are much rarer, but you will need them to progress in the game. One of the most important items is the Insect Axe, or the Level 2 Axe.

There are Tier II versions of a variety of weapons and tools. Chopping and Busting Tools of Tier 2 will be able to harvest Tier 2 resources. And that’s what makes them so useful. You will need a Workbench to make them though, and that requires its own resources as well. Before setting off and trying to get these items, make sure to upgrade your armor, as you will need it. Try getting some Ant Armor or something helpful for this.

You need the following resources to build the Level 2 Axe in Grounded:

  • Ladybug Head x 1
  • Bombardier Part x 3
  • Spider Silk x 4

Ladybug Head

The head is what you need to scan in the analyzer to unlock the Level 2 Axe recipe. You get it from ladybugs. Head toward the big tree to the north of the main spawn point. There will usually be a ladybug patrolling around this area. The head is a random drop, so you do have to get kind of lucky.

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Bombardier Part

Bombardier Beetles are pretty tough. It’s a very good idea to get some upgraded armor and weapons from ants before you head into battle with them. You can most reliably find them to the southeast, nearby to the big rake. There’s a cave in that area that has a bunch of them in it.

Spider Silk

You can get Spider Silk by hitting Spider Webs with your Pebblet Axe. You can also harvest it from Spiderlings. These can be found in the same area as the Bombardier Beetles you also need to harvest parts from.

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