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GTA Online update for July 17 adds new content and discounts

GTA Online July 17 Update

Grand Theft Auto Online has received a new update this afternoon, and as usual, the update focuses on increased rewards for certain missions, as well as discounts for in-game items.

Developer Rockstar Games offering an extension for its GTA$ & RP rewards bonuses via Smuggler’s Sell Missions. Players can also gain 25% extra GTA$ on Biker Business Sales and Biker Business Supplies, while corporate bigwigs will net 25% off Special Cargo Crates.

If you were lucky enough to reserve a spot on the Guest List last month, that sweet GTA$100,000 is eligible to be claimed now. Lucky gamers will also receive a special costume, the Blue Wireframe Bodysuit. Return each week to take part in the Nightclub update and to earn exclusive rewards.

And of course, there’s discounts on property this week too. These are in the form of 50% off Executive Offices, Biker Clubhouses, and 40% off Bunkers and Hangars. There’s also 30% off a ton of vehicles such as the Cheval Taipan, Ocelot Pariah, Pegassi Tempesta, Grotti Cheetah, Grotti Stinger, and Truffade Z-Type, as well as upgrades for Engines, Handling, Brakes, Transmission, and Turbo.

And what would GTA Online be without a massive cache of military weapons with which to sew chaos? Rockstar have also included tons of discounts of vehicles of a destructive nature. Gamers can find offers such as 25% off MKII Weapon Upgrades, 30% Mammoth Avenger Renovations, and 30% off the FH-1 Hunter, Buckingham Akula, HVY Barrage, and BF Dune FAV. Other combat features like Tactical Ops are discounted as well.

That about wraps up the weekly update for GTA Online, so get out there and get to racing, looting and destroying everything in sight.

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