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The Walking Dead Final Season releases new teaser

The Walking Dead Telltale Final Season

Telltale has released a new teaser trailer for the final season of The Walking Dead game. The narrative adventure game will conclude the story of Clementine soon. During the massive spectacle that is Comic-Con this week, Telltale will be unveiling a full gameplay demo, so keep a lookout for that. If you do miss it, it will be on YouTube a day later for those that want it.

The teaser itself is very simple, Clem and A.J. are still surviving, and appear to have joined up with a new group. One scene shows grave markers with the names Minerva and Sadie, these are seemingly new characters that ate it at some point between Season Three and this final chapter. The trailer ends with a look at what I assume is the villain of this installment, who looks a bit like Nate from 400 Days, but it could also be Arvo from Season 2 based purely on looks, and depending on how much time has passed since then. Although this new character may be someone entirely new.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is expected to release on August 14, 2018, for $19.99. It will hit PC and all consoles (outside of the Nintendo Switch release planned later in the year). If you have not pre-ordered the game, doing so will unlock The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection. Those who pick up the Collection get the chance to play all 19 episodes of the series in one go, if that’s your thing. The pre-order bonus offer is available until August 14, 2018.

Check out the preview trailer down below, it looks pretty cool and grim.

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