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F1 22 showcases this year’s new gameplay features in latest trailer

F1 22 showcases new physics and gameplay modes

Codemasters and Electronic Arts have debuted a new trailer for their latest racing game, F1 2022. The game is due out quite soon, so the marketing engine is ramping up. Codemasters and EA are sure hoping to lure in hardcore fans with a more realistic and personable experience this year.

This year’s iteration will focus a lot on delivering the kind of game F1 fans really want. From realistic remodels of new car designs, to more robust physics, handling and tire models, there’s a lot. Along with that, the maintenance and improvement of your cars is a key focus. Borrowing ideas from more management-focused sims, the developers want players to have more control over the technical aspects of developing a race car. And that also applies to driving on the track, you will have more granular control over racing strategy—like timing pit stops—to help feel more involved.

The driving feeling real is key, but there’s so much more tread on these tiers. The F1 Life social hub has been expanded in F1 2022, offering more online socialization and customization features for interested players.

Car and driver personalization is another huge change this year. Racers will have tons of new cosmetic changes that can be made, giving each player freedom to create their own avatar to their liking. You can earn new cosmetics through both regular gameplay and other areas. One of these is the new Podium Pass, think a Battle Pass, but for racing games. By completing challenges, players can unlock new cosmetic items and other rewards.

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All this, plus a bunch of circuit changes to reflect new tracks and rule shifts in the sport will help sell the illusion of real racing in a video game. And speaking of new changes, the brand new F1 Sprint races will feature in this year’s game as well. These special races influence starting grid placement and take place between the Qualifying stints, and the actual race in a weekend.

Check out the trailer for F1 2022 down below. EA Sports F1 22 arrives in a month’s time on July 1 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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