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Monster Hunter movie gives fans deeper dive of Diablos and Rathalos

Monster Hunter movie has been delayed to 2021

The Monster Hunter film has drawn some harsh criticism and skepticism from fans all over the place. The fans are worried that the writer-director will start too much from the source material. It turns out that the team on the film has been trying to make this film much closer to the original Capcom games source material. compared to the previous Resident Evil film series.

Paul W.S. Anderson has collaborated with series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka to make sure the monsters look their best. And judging from the new trailer, they’re doing a solid job on that front. And for those of you who really like the Palico budies, the awesome eowscular Chef  will be in the Monster Hunter film.

Paul W.S. Anderson sits down with the games’ producer and director over the course of the videos to give fans a look at what they’re working on. The team has been painstakingly creating various CGI scenes and shots to insert some iconic beasts into the film. Diablos and Rathalos are the first to get this treatment, and it looks like they’re going to be pillars of the film.

By borrowing heavily from the games and lore surrounding them, Anderson and the rest of the team want to give their own twist on what you see in the games. Diablos and Rathalos are two very iconic monsters in the games, and fans will feel very strongly about their portrayal here as well.

In this second video we get a peek at the film from another perspective. There’s not much new plot or character info seen here, but there are some interesting shots nonetheless.

The Monster Hunter movie is currently scheduled for release on December 30. The film was originally due in 2021, but was moved up in the release schedule. Fans are still wondering about why that is. as it could have easily had a nice synergy with the launch of Monster Hunter Rise in March. Anyway, we’re getting the film this December, so we can see what the result of all the hard work is.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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