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Diablo 4 Officially Announced

Diablo 4 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

So those leaks from yesterday may have been on point, as Blizzard has just announced Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019. The company showed off a handful of new content in the form of some basic teaser trailers. The gameplay featured a desolate, ashen wasteland filled with monsters, pretty standard fair for the franchise, but something feels much more grim this time around. Diablo 2 is a big time inspiration for the new entry, so expect a revitalization of old school feel blended with newer gameplay conventions. Something akin to a mix of Diablo 3 with its improved loot and endgame grind, mixed with the tone and overall style of a classic like D2.

Luis Barriga, Diablo 4’s game director, was on-stage leading the announcement, revealing a few key details. The announcement described the game as hearkening back to the older games by putting in “Blood and gore… occult symbols and rituals… and victories will be neither clean nor guaranteed.” For another thing, along with the darker tone comes a ground-up rework for all of the classic Diablo classes. The Witch with their summoning, the meaty Barbarian with plenty of brute strength, and all the magic you can shake a stick at from the Druid and Sorceress.

The game even got an edgy new cinematic trailer showing off this much darker tone and setting. There’s a jagged and menacing looking logo to boot. Check out the announcement trailer and the gameplay trailer below. The company also confirmed that the game is fully playable on the show floor via a demo. No word yet on how long the wait will be, expect a long line if you’re there.

And even though fans are very excited for the continuation of what many consider to be their formative RPG experience. There’s no real meat on these bones just yet, as the game is clearly still years away from release. Fans are all rather hopeful that this new title will take everything that made past DIablo games popular and combine them to give the best experience yet in the series. We will have to wait and see if those hopes come to pass.

No mention on a release date for Diablo 4, but it has been confirmed to be coming to PC.

Hey, at least it’s not Diablo Immortal all over again. If you somehow don’t remember that mess, here’s a quick refresher. At Blizzcon 2018 many fans felt cheated that the only announcement for the iconic franchise turned out to be a lackluster mobile title. Gamers immediately let their discontent be known at the event and throughout the interwebs by bashing everything to do with the game.

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