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Is Monster Hunter Rise exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

Is Monster Hunter Rise exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

The new Monster Hunter game is getting ready to burst onto the scene, with a release planned for the portable Switch console. The partnership between Nintendo and Capcom is well established and has helped pushed the aging 3DS into new realms of success. But that legendary portable console couldn’t last forever. Nintendo just announced an end to 3DS production, and that’s left fans with a burning question. Will the new Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Rise, be an exclusive for Switch.

The thought of a Monster Hunter Rise exclusive Switch release might sour some fans who really enjoyed World. That’s because they might be thinking that the experience of an open world won’t translate to the portable hardware, not the case. Nintendo and Capcom are working hard to bring a unique implementation of the powerful RE Engine to Switch that will allow the fast-paced hunts to target 30 FPS on the go. And that’s all without sacrificing open-world hunts or visual quality too much.

There will be multiplayer functionality, which will require NSO, but details beyond that are scarce. Players will get to hunt monsters, but it’s still too early to say what the full details are.  Monster Hunter Rise will get more news soon obviously, as Capcom is eager to show off the new title.

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And according to Capcom, it is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. There have been no announcements to port the game to PC or next-gen consoles. Capcom did tease fans with some other news as well.

And we have also learned that despite being a Switch exclusive, the game isn’t being dumped after release. The aim is to create a new mainline title with free title updates, as well as a slew of new monsters. Players can enjoy hunting both new and returning monsters, and some new sub-species too. Players will have Palicoes and other pets too to help them on hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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