How to breathe underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

How to breathe underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is here, and Sony fans are exploring the massive world. The story of Aloy has already found a ton of bunch of cool stuff. But to find it, you have to do the exploration. The game’s fast travel option certainly makes completing the game easier, so learning about that’s a good idea. There are many other mechanics you will want to familiarize yourself with. Of the many systems in the game, crafting new gear and weapons is pretty important.

And with all that exploration, comes some swimming. Being a pretty wild open-world game, there are a lot of different skills you’re going to need to put into practice. Swiming and holding your breath is actually pretty important. The key to this is finding the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West.  Here’s what you need to do.

How to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West

To breathe underwater in Horizon Forbidden West you need the diving mask, which is an item of Special Gear that you can only craft after finishing a certain quest. You need to finish the Sea of Sands quest and unlock the POSEIDON. These systems are key to some aspects of exploration in the game. This is all part of the Eye of the Earth main quest and will see you going to kill Grimhorn.

During this quest, you will be given the “Craft the Diving Mask” objective. You need to head into the Las Vegas ruins to complete this. There’s a building here called the Tower of Tears, that’s your goal. You have to salvage some gear from this area as part of the quest. You will have to prowl around the zone looking for the Frost Bellowback. These are kind of tough to take on, so bring some good gear. That beast drops the parts you need when killed. Take one out and collect the Synthetic Membrane.

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Once you’ve got that, head back to The Tower of Tears and dive into the flooded room on the west side of the building. Dive down and swim to the bottom with the big tank in it. You need to swim and find the Compressed Air Capsule to get the next part.

Grab that and take the part back to Morlund and build the item you need.

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