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Does Among Us on Nintendo Switch voice chat work?

Among Us 2 canceled to update original game

After the massive success of Among Us this year, there have been plenty of plans in the works for developer Innersloth. The company has moved on to working on more content for the base game, rather than the original plan of making a direct sequel. The company has now moved on to porting the game to new platforms to reach a wider audience, while also pushing out even more content. But there’s been something that’s pretty lacking in all the updates and new releases, voice chat.

With the new Switch version plopping out recently, there’s been a lot of annoyed gamers waiting to see if Among Us on Nintendo Switch voice chat will be a thing. Unfortunately, the Switch version of the game does not support voice chat, as is the same as the other ports. Granted, the Switch has no direct support for voice chat anyway; forcing users to use a dedicated app and their mobile devices to handle chat on the portable console.

There are some workarounds though, and mostly they involving being nearby to a PC of some kind. If you’re actually on the PC version, you can just use the Proximity Voice Chat mod, but the consoles are a bit harder to workaround. And with the potential for more console ports of Among Us in the future, things will only get more irritating if voice chat isn’t added.

You could also use third-party apps like Discord, which is what many gamers opt to do. Although considering that consoles don’t often have that integration, you will need to use a PC or something to run the Discord channel you and your pals are on. That means having another device to handle voice chat on the Switch. It sucks, but thems the breaks for now.

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You could of course use the in-game keyboard, but that’s really annoying, If you’re like me and using a screen cover for your Switch, typing is a little more tedious than normally; and it’s already pretty irritating considering the touchscreen keyboard on the Switch is kind of cumbersome. Although there’s a chance that the Nintendo Switch Online App will get support. nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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