How powered-up PokéStops work in Pokémon Go

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PokéStops are a big part of the gameplay while playing Pokémon Go. These special real-world locations can be spun to gain items like Pokéballs and Potions, but now Niantic has added something new. Powered-up PokéStops are a new feature that encourages players to scan them. By visiting them and using the scanner, Trainers can earn specific rewards.

How powered-up PokéStops work in Pokémon Go

The AR scan is a relatively new feature in the mobile game.  To conduct an AR scan of a PokéStop, you tap a scan button and are then prompted to walk slowly around the area while your camera scans the area. This can be a bit awkward in public, but it does offer in-game rewards. When you go to a stop, be sure to look for the AR scan button.

All powered-up PokéStops have three levels. The first level requires players to scan that location five times. The second level requires players to scan it 10 times. The third and final level for powered-up PokéStops requires players to complete 30 total AR scans. The one good thing about this is that the scans are cumulative for all Trainers.

You will need to work together with your friends to help the community power up stops. The first time a PokéStop hits each new level, all Trainers that contributed get some free items.

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