How to do a mound visit in MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 is out, bringing baseball fans to a new level of customization and realism. There are many different skills you will put to use on the field in MLB The Show 22, and they can be kind of complicated. The dance of America’s past-time is a complex one. There are many button combos you’re going to make use of in your time with this game. This one, will help you control your team on the field. Say you want to swap a pitcher, you need to do the right thing.

The game even has a special game mode within it that’s a lot like Franchise mode. You can manage a team over the years, trying to create a full-on dynasty in the MLB. Managing this team can be a huge ask, but it’s doable. That mode is built around getting the best roster you can, including the rather powerful cover athletes. Managing your roster is pretty important, but using it well during games is just as vital.

How to do a mound visit in MLB The Show 22

Mound visits have long been a part of the game of baseball. They’re seen when the team managers need to discuss tactical changes with their pitcher on the mound. It’s a common sight during games, and offers a break in the action. MLB The Show 22 brings this and other real-life elements into the digital world. And it’s not just changing pitching strategies, you might also need to bring a new pitcher in.

To perform a mound visit in MLB The Show 22, you just need the D-pad. While you’re in the game, press Up on the D-Pad for the Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation controllers. This will bring up the quick action menu. You have various options you can use here. From shifting around your bullpen to subbing in players, it’s all here. There’s also the option for a Mound Visit. This will stop the action, and bring certain players out to meet with the pitcher.

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Mound visits can be used to buy time during the game, giving a few extra minutes to a pitcher warming up in your bullpen. If you main pitcher is struggling, give them a check-in to give their relief some time. You can also substitute players in the defensive positions during this time as well. This can help provide a quick rest to a tired pitching staff.

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