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Monster Hunter World Elder Dragon and Anjanath Tips


Hunting and Farming the Elder Dragon

The trick to repeating, and thus farming, Elder Dragon parts is reliant upon Tempered Monster Investigations. These special hunts task the player with taking on much more powerful versions of monsters once they’ve completed the main story. But before you can take on the Elder Dragon hunts, you need to farm them.

Beat the Story

To unlock the ability to hunt Tempered monsters, you need to complete the main story. This has the side benefit of you playing through a game with an amazing story and a ton of side content. The review scores are high for a reason.

Reach Hunter Rank 49

After beating the main storyline, you’ll need to reach Hunter Rank 49. To do this, keep completing the quests provided to you – namely ones that involve hunting tempered monsters. These tougher variants are some of the most challenging hunts in the game, so grind out some amazing gear to make sure you’re ready for the task.

If you’re having issues getting crafting materials, check our guide on the subject.

Track Kirin

Kirin is a special monster locked behind a Rank 49 Quest. Use your Scout Flies and other abilities to track the Tempered monster and pick up the tracks it leaves behind. Every time you pick up one of these, there’s a chance you’ll get a task for an Elder Dragon hunt.

Once Kirin has stopped moving, it won’t leave anymore tracks. The trick here is NOT to attack it, but to hit Return from Quest in your menu to save your investigation progress. Then load back into the Kirin hunt to resume track gathering.

This repetition may be boring, but it’s one of the best ways to farm Tempered investigations, including those for Elder Dragons.

Once you have your high-end gear and stable of Investigations, start running the easier ones to get ready for the Elder Dragon hunts. The Tempered Elder Dragon is tough, but using what you’ve learned over the course of the game and your best gear vastly increases your chances of a successful hunt.

Hunting the Anjanath

Know Thy Enemy

The Anjanath is one of the first major hurdles in Monster Hunter World, so you need to be prepared. While the movements of the beast are unpredictable, it’s attack patterns aren’t so hard to figure out. Charge in and try to stay underneath it as much as possible. The Anjanath will attempt to swipe and strike you with its head and tail, so stay away from its front and back.

At some point it will begin hurling fire at you, watch out for when its throat starts to glow. This is your indicator to get away from its mouth.

Remember how I said the Anjanath was unpredictable, what I meant was that it will sometimes switch its attack strings randomly.

The Anjanath also has a sort of rage state that signals its intent to use much stronger attacks. Be on the lookout for when the side flaps extend from its torso. These much more damaging attacks can one-shot a weaker hunter.

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Be sure to bring the right weapons and gear for the hunts. Eat a hardy meal at the canteen prior to hunting the Anjanath to boost your stats.

Jyurantodus parts can be used to make water-based weapons that deal great damage against the Anjanath and are an important part of your arsenal for the hunt itself. If you don’t have the parts, then thunder and ice weapons will also deal decent damage.  Fire weapons however are utterly useless for this fight, so stash those.

Bring along as many Potions and Rations as you can carry. Healing will be necessary during the fight, so you’ll want to come prepared. You should also carry some Shock Traps and stun-inducing flash pods to make it easier to control the beast’s movement.

Finally, buff Defense on your armor set as much as you can. Being able to tank a few attacks from the beast can be the difference between life and death in this fight. But, it’s always better to pay attention to the Anjanath’s movements and attack patterns so you can dodge. You can’t tank its more devastating attacks.

The Hunt Itself

Using the knowledge of its attack patterns and some decent gear, the Anjanath can be taken down with a bit of effort. If you’re still having trouble you can attempt to lure another monster into the fight behind you. This new monster can serve as bait and a distraction so you can get some easy hits in.

When the Anjanath weakens, it will eventually limp back to its den, where it will sleep in an effort to recover. This is a prime time to catch it off guard, and even capture the beast, if you have the right tools. If not, then use this window to unleash hell and bring it down.

Capturing creatures is the best way to earn bonuses rewards and other goodies that require the player to capture certain beasts. IF you want to expedite the process of unlocking the best armor and weapons. Join up with your friends in co-op to make it even easier to capture beasts.

Guides for Noobs

If you’re a brand new Monster Hunter player, perhaps it would be better to check out these player-created guides for noobies. Guides have been written by zone and include helpful tips on different monsters in each zone, as well as some insightful lessons about combat and positioning. Shout out to Lolrog for these helpful hints.

There are guides for Wildspire Wastes, Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale areas so far. And be sure to peruse the rest of the MHW subreddit for more tips.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to success in the end-game of Monster Hunter World. Good luck hunters!

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

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