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Call of Cthulhu has a new hour long gameplay showcase

Call of Cthulhu

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio have released some new gameplay for their investigative horror game, Call of Cthulhu.

In this horror game, players are placed in control of Edward Pierce as he treks through Darkwater Island. He’s been summoned to the mysterious and dark place while on the investigation into some strange murders, and things are only going to get weirder as the game goes on. The game will also feature an immersive and deep dialogue tree and upgrade systems, allowing for lots of player choice in terms of how to deal with what the game throws at you. It all seems pretty fun, in a dark and ominous sort of way.

If you want to peek into the minds of developers and see how they designed and implemented various gameplay systems, this new gameplay footage is perfect for you. And if you just want to see insanity, gore and chaos, this is also going to be your cup of tea. I just hope you like copious amounts of tentacles and madmen with said tea.

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If you want to see more gameplay footage, check out the original E3 2018 trailer, there’s also the Gamescom 2018 footage available as well.

Check out the new gameplay footage of Call of Cthulhu down below. You can also learn more about the game at the official site. Call of Cthulu is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 30th.

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