Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Include Cell Saga

There are many different story missions and one-off missions in DBZ Kakarot. Each one can help the player earn new moves, power up their characters, or otherwise make them a better fighter. You have a substory in DBZ Kakarot where you need to get woodchips for Mr. Popo. This guide tells you exactly where to find woodchips in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as you will have to find and collect 15 woodchips and with little or no information on what they look like and where you can obtain them.

East Ravine Map is the primary place where the woodchips can be found. There is a very large stream running through the map over here which is mostly at the bottom of a pretty deep ravine. You do not get many clues from Mr. Popo but he does say that you cannot obtain them from living trees. So, what we will be looking for are dead trees – in particular, the ones which have fallen. For example, several can be found near the river at the base of the ravine, by a fallen log. Cruise along the river to find the first few Woodchips. You should be able to find 12 or so Woodchips in this manner, assuming you start at the fast travel spawn point for the East Ravine Map and head northwards along the river.  When you see red orbs in the river (a few pieces of Gold) keep heading that direction. After the blue orbs, there should be a small copse of trees with some deer, that should be the last set of Woodchips.

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Most of the woodchips can be found near the water’s edge. If you have started collecting them from the lower right corner of the map then all of the first few bundles will be found near the water’s edge. Sometimes though, the spawn seems to be random. If you can’t collect all 15 by the river, head towards the nearby town. Look for a car that is parked on the outskirts of the village.

Another Woodchip can be found to the North West which is also very close to the edge of the water, just before entering the large cave. They are purple orbs, use your Ki Sense to locate the purple orbs once you are within their range.

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