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Apex Legends cross-play has been announced

Apex Legends cross-play has been announced

It’s finally happening, espawn Entertainment has finally announced that Apex Legends cross-play is coming. When Apex Legends first launched in February 2019, there was no cross-platform play, and players really wanted it. There were a lot of players who wanted to get in on the latest battle royale craze with their friends, but not everyone was on the same platform. It has finally been confirmed that Respawn is working to bring Apex Legends to cross-play capable status in Fall 2020.

The exact release date of the feature has not been announced. Although we can make some guesses on when the feature will debut. Respawn has also confirmed that they are working on a Switch port of the game, due before the end of 2020. It’s a pretty solid bet that the Apex Legends to cross-play will debut around the same time. It’s possible that the developer releases cross-play first, just to test it out.

A lot of this is speculation, but it has fans very excited. The fans for the game have wanted this since the game came out. The pressure to deliver has been pretty immense. Hopefully, Respawn gets it right the first time and cross-play works well. There will undoubtedly be some technical hiccups, there always are, so players should be prepared for a bit of finagling.

But once the feature does come out, players from all over the globe will be able to blast their pals to bits all in the same games.

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