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Fortnite update v10.20 adds the Zapper Trap, Floating Island, and more

Fortnite Season X

Season X of Fortnite is well underway, and with it comes the requisite string of patches and updates bringing new content, as well as reworking old content.

The big new items in this patch cycle include the Zapper Trap, a thrown weapon that shocks enemies on detonation. Traps are steadily more dastardly in Fortnite. Weekly rotations have happened in the shop too, with the Hot Mix Pistol being added to the stable.

In terms of map and mode changes, there’s quite a bit in this update. Rift Zones still dot the map as part of ongoing Season 10 events. The Floating Island is back, and brings with it an entirely new locale loaded with loot and chokepoints to encourage conflict. This is one Motel you don’t want to stay at. And yes, this is the same Motel from Season 7. You will need to use the low-gravity Vortex to access the island by the way.

Creative modes also got some new content too. A new Prison prefab for levels has been added to the toolset, joined by the equally dreary Flush Factory. The Save the World mode has a new quest: Crackshot Hits the Road Part II. This is a continuation of previous Crackshot questlienes, wherein players will need to broadcast his Song of the Summer from the Radio Station.

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Check out the newest item in Fortnite‘s arsenal down below. Find the full patch notes for 10.20 over on Epic’s site. Season 10 of the popular Battle Royale title will continue for a while, through October 10.

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