How to do VIP Patrols in Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy patch notes for Destiny 2 update 2.8.0

VIP Patrols in Destiny 2, like many of the other things we’ve recently covered, were added in the Guardian Games. These special events give players a bunch of targets to take on based on the type of Patrol they take. And just like the other Patrols, there’s a new bounty attached to the new in-game event that can be completed for the sake of various rewards.

Players can hunt down the new VIP Patrols to complete the On the Beat bounty. Hunt down the icon to start the quest and try to complete the bounty. The icon you’re looking for is similar to the other Patrol markers, in that it resembles the Ghost players know well. The icon resembles a circle with a diamond in the middle, and a smaller diamond at the center of that circle.

When you finally do find and activate the bounty icon, it will be marked as an Assassination Patrol in the Director. This is the same thing as the VIP Patrols in Destiny 2, so don’t get confused. It just seems to be that Bungie has some contradictory descriptions in their various data in-game.

For the VIP Patrols, your target is pretty random. Examples have been seen targeting Taken enemies as well as other enemy types across the various playable zones in the game. When you do find the icon, it’s not going to be too much of a trek to find your target, just follow it and take out the marked enemies you find along the way. You will find a random yellow bar enemy, accompanied by some lesser threats at the end of the journey. Take him down to complete the quest.

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The best place to look for the enemy you need is actually pretty basic. Just head out into the EDZ and follow the VIP Patrols in Destiny 2 icons to find the random enemies you need to take out. It will just be a basic enemy with only a slightly upgraded health value. The On the Beat Bounty will be triggered via the Director, and you only need to complete one of these encounters and turn it in to complete said bounty. Just check the quests tab in the Director once you’ve done that to make sure.

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