Can you change your class in Outriders?

How to change your class in Outriders

With a total of four classes in Outriders, there are some very unique class choices. The Technomancer is all about spawning turrets and gadgets to deal with foes. The Pyromancer uses fire to both damage and heal, depending on the target. The Devastator is all about facetanking the threats headed your way. There is also a ton of fun to be had with the Trickster who snipes at foes. The game even allows you to make new ones. You can’t swap between them though, as you need to make a new one.

You can use this guide to find out how to change your class in Outriders.

How to Create a New Character in Outriders

The reality is that you cannot change your class in the demo, and likely the same will be true for the full game. When you do get into the game it’s very simple to make new classes though. Here’s how.

Head to the Lobby. On the bottom-right of the menu you will see an option to Change Character. Press that button to begin the process. You have six slots to put your characters in, and you will need to delete characters under the My Characters section. It’s unclear if that will be expanded past the demo. You can then click Create a Character. Now you can customize and name your new character. Once you’re done, click Proceed to Lobby. You will also have the option to skip the prologue. This is helpful if you want to get into the co-op in Outriders ASAP with a new option.

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You might also want to consider changing World Tiers if you’re getting into a new run. If you found your old runs too easy, going up in World Tier can increase the challenge and the loot rewards. And if you’re just thinking about getting the game, make sure your PC is up to snuff.

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