How to clean clothes in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has a lot of little things to learn. As you get chased around by the undead, you’re going to get dirty. Keeping clean is very important, as is your health. Players will have to keep tabs on any wounds they have, and that’s going to kill them if they don’t. Doing things like treating burns is huge, but there’s much more to it than that. Cleaning is actually even more important. This becomes vitally important after power shuts off in the game, and you can no longer cook or stay warm. Fires also become important when you need to boil water in PZ, either to sanitize bandages or for drinking.

All of this helps maintain the sanity of your character, which is vital for surviving. Keep reading to learn the best ways to get clean clothes in Project Zomboid.

How to clean clothes in Project Zomboid

It’s also possible to clean blood off of walls and surfaces. This not only helps the mental state of your character, as well as their own physical health. That uses substances like bleach to keep things tidy. You can actually clean your clothes in a sink of all things.

To clean the stains on your clothes you need to use a water source of some kind. Right-click on the menu of a water source and click All Clothing or Individual Clothing from the Wash menu.  From there, your character will use the water to wash things off. You can also wash off with a shower if the water is still running. This can help speed up cleaning.

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How to clean clothes in Project Zomboid

Bleach can otherwise be used to get this done, say if the water is shut off. You can combine bleach with various items to make a Bleach version of it. Right-clicking that in your inventory will allow you to use the treated item to clean off blood and get clean clothes in Project Zomboid.

  • Bleach Bath Towel
  • Bleach Dishtowel
  • Bleach Mop
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