How to get anomaly shards in Outriders

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There are many different resources you can use in Outriders to make and improve different items. One of the more important items is the anomaly shards. Anomaly shards in Outriders are used to modify weapons and gear and improve their base attributes. This is a great way to get the best possible gear you can in the game. Here’s how you can go about getting plenty of these Anomaly shards in Outriders to upgrade your gear.

Grinding for them is very simple. All you have to do to get these is dismantle your unused items. Each time you break down an item, you get some shards. Each item will give out a number of shards based on its base stats. The higher the stats on the gear you dismantle, the more shards you get. These Anomaly Shards come from items with attributes that are unusual, rare, epic, and legendary.

You will be able to then use the Shards you have to boost that stat on your chosen item. So if you want to boost the Crit Damage of the new item, you need to farm for shards from items that give Crit Damage as a stat. Go for the rarest possible gear to get the most shards from it.

Anytime you play Outriders you will notice that many armor sets and weapons have a variety of stats. Depending on the build you like to play, you may want to focus on a certain type of stat.

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All armor pieces in the game can confer different bonuses and stat buffs. These buffs are called Anomaly Power, and are different from the Shards in a key way, Anomaly Power is better when you gain buffs to it from your class tree, so keep that in mind. Use your shards for other upgrades rather than just rare Health increases.

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