How to trash talk opponents in BitLife

How to Complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife

The new challenge is live this week in BitLife. There are multiple parts of this new challenge that are reliant on luck. You need to focus on having a very successful sports career in BitLife for this to work. But as long as you put the time in, you should be fine.  In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife, or more accurately a part of it. For one step, you need to trash talk opponents in BitLife.

How to trash talk opponents in BitLife

The step involving having to trash talk 3 or more opponents seems to be harder than it looks. There’s no specific action you can take to force it. The biggest problem with this event is that it’s very RNG-reliant. You will need to play a lot of pro games for it to happen. So that means it’s a pretty long waiting game if you’re unlucky.

There’s no way to predict when the event will fire, so just keep trying. One way that’s being recommended to help increase the odds is to socialize with teammates. It might help, it might not. Try talking to people on your team and building relationships with some of them. You can do this in college and when you go pro. It might be the case that you can increase the odds of certain random events by having a certain relationship with your team.

There is a small chance that trash talking can escalate, so be ready for that. You don’t appear to be too likely to get into a fight, but it can happen.

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