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Telltale Games has laid-off the remainder of its staff


It’s now an even uglier situation coming out of the closure of Telltale Games, according to reports, the remaining 25 employees that were originally to remain employed with the developer to “fulfill obligations”, those obligations were apparently to complete a version of Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix. For those unaware, Telltale laid off 225 members of its workforce a few weeks ago in a round of layoffs that signaled the end of the struggling adventure game developer.

News of today’s redundancies comes from a tweet made by Telltale narrative designer Rachel Noel. According to reports from various gaming industry outlets, like, the last of the 250 employees are no longer with the company.

This comes after Telltale was trying to ink a deal to resurrect their flagship franchise. Yesterday, Kotaku reported that Telltale was hoping to have another studio finish up the series by hiring ex-Telltale developers. Those plans appear to still be very much in motion and are not a promise that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will actually be finished.

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