How to play the latest version of Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

There’s a ton of zombie fans out there who are ravenous for zombie action. And if you’re on PC, the best version of a zombie survival game out right now is Project Zomboid. This isometric adventure populates a city with tons of loot, and even more zombies, and you have to survive. There’s also a ton of content added every update. In simple terms, this is how to do Early Access right.

Currently, the game is on build 41, and has added vehicles, as well as other cool stuff. To get into Build 41, and future builds. Project Zomboid uses the Beta feature on Steam. That means you’re going to need to how to play these beta versions. Here’s how to opt-in.

Opting Into the Latest Beta Version on Steam

When you want to change the version of a Steam game, you used the Beta menu. These betas are either old or new builds of the game, so features will definitely change. You will need to be aware that mods will also cease to work with certain beta versions. The Project Zomboid community has been pretty good about marking mods for the versions they’re compatible with. Be sure to check that when downloading Workshop mods.

In order to access the latest version of Project Zomboid’s development, open up your Steam library. Now find Project Zomboid within the listing. Right-click that game’s title and select the Properties option. This will open up the settings for the game. Select the BETAS tab to open up the beta menu.

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Select your desired version of PZ from the dropdown menu. By default, the game will run Build 41 so far. But if you want to go for something else, say for a certain mod, you can do it here.

Opting Into the Latest Beta Version on GOG

GOG also has the game, so it’s a good idea to know how to handle the game files there if you have it. It’s even easier than on Steam. Select the Project Zomboid option in your GOG library and tap the MORE button. A variety of options will appear. Select Settings from this dropdown menu. Now, you need to click the Beta Channels area on the right side of the screen and turn this to ON.

The game on GOG will also default to Build 41, but follow the steps above and you can change that.

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