How to Complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife

The new challenge is live this week in BitLife. There are multiple parts of this new challenge that are reliant on luck. You need to focus on having a very successful sports career in BitLife for this to work. But as long as you put the time in, you should be fine.  In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife

The thing you should focus on early in life is getting in good shape. You can get high Body scores by exercising and going to the gym a lot. Each time you age up, go for walks and go to the gym multiple times each year. You will find both options in the Mind and Body section of the Activities tab. Keep your score at 100% to remain at the top of your game.

Once you hit middle school, go for the basketball team. As long as you have a high body score and good athleticism, you should make it quite easily. Keep putting extra effort in via the extracurricular menu and you will be rewarded with better performance. Eventually, you will age your way through school and into college. Take a basketball scholarship and keep repeating these tasks. Over time, keep socializing with your teammates to get the random event for trash talk.

Practice and study hard every week in college. Stay healthy by going to the gym often, and go to the doctor often. After completing four seasons of college basketball, you will be able to try out for a pro team. Check the Occupations menu and select the pro athlete special career if you don’t get a prompt for it. You’re now ready for the next phase of the Mamba Challenge in BitLife.

The championships are the first major RNG-dependent hurdle. It’s a random event for your team to win a championship. It seems to have better odds of happening if you put extra effort in as a pro athlete. When you get  into the career path, make sure to put extra time into practice via the relevant option in your Occupation menu.

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As you play more games, the random events should start to stack up. You get the MVP award, trash talk and championships as random happenings. Just keep at it and you should eventually complete each step.

Getting into the Hall of Fame is the ultimate achievement. As you win more championships, you will increase your odds of it happening. WHen you retire, there should be a notice that you got inducted, as long as you performed well. So keep going to the gym and practicing. Once all the marks are checked in the Challenge menu, you’re done.

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