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Onrush releases new Summer Slam trailer detailing competitive season

ONRUSH Summer Slam

Codemasters has released a new Onrush trailer detailing the upcoming Summer Slam events in-game. The event will run for both PS4 and Xbox One versions of Onrush.

The major focus of this event will be the Ranked Mode and its various rewards. Players who partake can compete for XP bonuses, credits, and unique Tombstones as part of the pre-season leading up to the official Ranked Mode events in Summer Slam.

The competitive season will comprise multiple skill ranks broken down by player skill, you can find the list down below.

  • Bronze – Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Silver – Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Gold – Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Platinum – Jack, Queen, King, Ace

Kris Pope, Lead Designer at Codemasters has said:

“Ranked Mode is something the community has been asking for since day one, and we can’t wait for people to start battling it out to see who the best in the world is, In Ranked Mode, your rank will go up or down depending on how well you perform in-game. Winning as a team is, of course, the aim of the game, but individual achievements, such as the MVP award; will also help your ranking.”

Pope continues:

“Each season will feature eight challenge cards, with a new card being unlocked every week, each of these cards has three rewards that a player can earn by winning matches. Each win will earn the player 100 points towards each card. However, a player can increase the points they earn towards each card by unlocking seasonal win bonuses.”

Onrush is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, and the Summer Slam event will start on August 27thand bring tons of new content to the racing game.

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