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Vampyr is free for a day on Epic Games Store, and here’s how to claim it


Epic is gearing up for more free stuff as part of their “15 days of free games” holiday season celebration. Players and PC gamers on a budget can get some great games, all for free. The newest game today is Vampyr. Earlier today, the XCOM knockoff with cute and gritty animals Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was free as well. Each day Epic will swap out the free game. These flash deals will be pretty useful for PC gamers on a budget. And in case you were wondering, Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be the free game after Vampyr departs for better hunting grounds. That’s a great CRPG, so stick around with us for that as well.

Vampyr was developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, a game development studio whose portfolio includes the Life is Strange series. They’ve become quite well-known for their story-driven games and this vamp adventure is just as strong on the narrative side. Players take on the role of a doctor who has been stricken with vampirism in war-torn London during the era of WW1. You must grow stronger and try to escape the chains of undeath. Along the way, you will uncover a grand conspiracy and a massive nightmare surrounding the spread of a deadly disease.

How to claim Vampyr from Epic Games Store

Players can claim and download Vampyr from Epic Games Store from this link. If you have not put an account on the service, you need to make one first. Once you have an EGS account, you can claim any current and future free games.

On the technical side of news, the platform, finally, recently added a shopping cart. Yes, it took this long to just get that basic feature. Despite these issues with ongoing support and user retention, Epic continues to stack on more free game offers in the EGS. The approach has seemingly worked, as literally millions of PC gamers have claimed these offers.

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