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Apex Legends details Season 2 in new trailer

Apex Legends

Fans of Apex Legends are about to get really excited ahead of the launch of Season 2 of the battle royale title. The new season is called Battle Charge, and brings with it tons of new content like challenges, weapons, skins and even some new characters. And with the latest news, EA and Respawn have revealed those aforementioned challenges and the rewards players can expect.

The big new batch of content in Season 2 revolves around daily challenges. Three daily challenges are generated and handed out to players. And with more than 200 challenges built into the game players are going to have plenty to do. Completing these will net you a new thing called ‘STARS’ which will contribute towards Battle Pass XP. And with that XP you can unlock a variety of in-game rewards like new skins and other cosmetics.

Players will also get to take on a variety of weekly challenges, which also award STARS. Players who miss one of these challenges can let them roll over to next week, allowing a bit of extra time to complete them before they expire. In addition to these mainline challenges, a set of three ‘resetting’ challenges will also be available each week.

If you want to see more of Battle Charge, check out the preview trailer down below.

Apex Legends is out now for PC and consoles.

Source: EA

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