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GOG summer sale launches


One of the main sources for downloadable DRM-free PC games, Good Old Games, has launched it’s annual summer sale. GoG is known for providing access to older games that have been updated to function on newer hardware, it’s a real treat to be able to grab these already inexpensive titles for even cheaper.

There’s plenty to choose from on Day of the sale including the obligatory Witcher 3 discount, 15% off on The Solus Project, 50% off on Rebel Galaxy, XCOM classics, a Star Wars Blaster Bundle, LucasArts classics, BattleZone 98 Redux and more.

Head over the GOG site now and pick up the bargains and watch out for new offers appearing each day on the site as they change every 24 hours. There’s a countdown timer in the top right of the site letting you know when the next round is coming  up.

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