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F1 Manager 2022 finally has a release date

F1 22 showcases new physics and gameplay modes

F1 Manager 2022 finally has a release date, and the game already looks amazing. F1 Manager 2022 is due to race onto the gaming scene on Aug. 30. It will be released on the PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Now, let’s talk about the game itself.

The developer of the Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo is behind this new simulation game, and it sounds like they’re taking it pretty seriously. The game’s franchise has been pretty heavily focused on developing parts and improving the team as a whole, and that’s continuing going forward. F1 Manager 2022  will refine the experience with a more robust graphical engine and a ton more choices to be made on and off the track.

Being a blend of racing sim and management game, there’s a heavy focus on one aspect, realism. Realism is at the core of the experience, with a full roster of world-class drivers from across F1, F2 and F3 to choose for your team. There are also a wealth of part makers and teams that represent real-world analogs as well. And if the previous games are any indication, modders will even add in real-world sponsors and teams after launch.

The team also released a batch of trailers for the upcoming game. The new “Be the Boss” trailer offers a bit of personal touch of the gameplay experience that the team is going for. They get perspectives of various icons of the sport, and show how F1 can be a huge inspiration for people all over the world. The game itself is based around the core of figuring out how to run a successful team. You take on the role of the Principal of the team, and you get all the rewards and challenges.

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According to Frontier, F1 Manager 2022 will involve players “upgrading cars and face facilities, hiring drivers and engineers, balancing budgets and driver demands, all before the race weekend kicks into gear. So when the F1 Manager 2022 release date does roll around, be ready to take on a big burden.

You get to manage all the aspects of running your dream racing team. Everything you decide to do has a knock-on effect. You might decide to spend cash and time on facilities to improve your team’s stats. It’s also a solid choice to spend cash on better drivers and engineers. Your goals are set in each season, but the path you take is not. And if that particular season is a bit of a wash, you can instead focus on next season.

There’s more to the development side of things as well, as races matter in their own right. Choosing the proper race strategy is just part of the choice you make in each weekend. When you’re deciding to issue commands for fuel and tire management, for example, is just one element. You also have to juggle changing weather, safety cars, and red flags. And when you finish all these races, there’s tons of depth to managing the team and media reaction to your performance.

F1 Manager 2022 will be released across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. You can check out the latest trailer for the game down below.

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