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Sony E3 presser shows brutal The Last of Us: Part II gameplay

Sony started their E3 2018 conference by jumping right into one of their more popular and anticipated franchise sequels. The Last of Us: Part II was treated to a gameplay trailer that contains a lot of juxtaposition and violence.

This initial preview shows a much calmer scene than either of the previous trailers, focusing on a community relaxing and having a good time at a dance in a church. We see Ellie embracing someone in a tender kiss, but that moment of calmness and tenderness doesn’t last. We see Ellie having to choke out someone in a forest, and then stealth her way past more enemies, who are currently lynching and torturing people.

The trailer continues jumping between scenes of combat and this more tender church setting throughout its course. Gamers even get a peek at some of the new combat mechanics like an improved dodging and stealth systems. The Last of Us: Part II looks a lot more brutal and tactical compared to the first, game which is quite the accomplishment. Check out that trailer above.

If you’re wondering when The Last of Us: Part II comes out, it hasn’t been confirmed, but everyone is assuming sometime in 2019.

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There’s also another treat for fans of the series that doesn’t involve bloodshed.  Sony showcased the music of Last of Us Part II at Sony’s E3 2018 Press Conference. Before introducing Last of Us Part IIwe were introduced to game composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who humbly walked onto stage with a hoodie and a simple banjo. He then proceeded to play the main theme for the game. Check that out below.

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