How to use the Golden Key in Spelunky 2

How to avoid arrow traps in Spelunky 2

There are a few hidden secrets in Spelunky 2. The adventure through these random dungeons has a ton of challenge and weight to them that players get invested. Occasionally players will encounter a special item called a Golden Key in Spelunky 2. So what is this item? What the heck does it do?

There’s a chance to spawn a Golden Key in Spelunky 2 from chests, breaking pots, or you might even come across one just laying around. These random spawns do have a use though. It does have a need to take up inventory, so keep that in mind, as you will need to bring the Key with you to use it.

As for using the key, you need to do some exploration. AS you go around a level, be on the lookout for doorways on the boundaries of a level. These doors will often contain a variety of items, including some ornate chests. Running up to these wooden doors and interacting with them will allow you to open them and see what’s inside. If there’s a chest inside that looks kind of fancy, that’s what you use the Golden Key on.

The way you can tell if there will be a chest in the level is if you find a key. These two items are linked. If you find a key, there will be a chest and vice versa. The big reason you want to do this is what you can potentially find in that chest. Sometimes these chests will contain what’s called the Udjat Eye. This item will reveal hidden gems out in the level. You can then use your bombs to blast your way through the walls to these hidden gems. Once your have some gems, head to the black market to cash them in for easy money.

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