All Gorger and Gatherer spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

All Gorger and Gatherer spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Galactus has come to Fortnite. The ever-powerful foe has brought in some reinforcements too, in the form of some robotic nightmares. There are now some new Gorger and Gatherer spawn locations in the game that feature some new enemies to take on. Players will find that there are some new challenges related to taking these on as well.

What the Heck are Fortnite Gatherers and Gorgers?

When you load into Fortnite this season, you may notice some very weird-looking giant robots. These massive black monstrosities are the flying Gorgers. They fly around taking on anyone they find, and they’re a menace. The larger Gorgers fly around the map. When you find one, you may notice that it’s spawning smaller drones, these smaller drones are the Gatherers.

Depending on the challenge you’re tackling, you either need to take out Gatherers or Gorgers. If you’re trying to get enough Gatherer kills to complete a challenge, make sure not to kill the main Gorger. This beast will basically spawn an infinite wave of Gatherer as long as it can. The best way to tackle this approach is to wait until a Gatherer moves away from the other robots before engaging it.

Various challenges during Week 4 and Week 5 will task you with taking on these new foes. And players will be rushing to complete them to earn more of that sweet XP. So here’s where to find these new targets. Given that two new enemies were added during the big Marvel push in-game means that the site of the Gorgers and Gatherers is basically right on top of the new Stark Labs spawn. They can also be found around the map in a few different areas. There are spawns all over the map, and you can’t really miss a big hostile robot with lasers.

Finding the targets will usually entail rushing to one area of the map and trying to pick one off from a distance. Players will likely hop into the first flying vehicle they find right away and rush to these spawn locations, so expect some competition. You will really want to grab some weapons before heading in there, as these things can be quite the bullet sponge.

The Gatherers are a bit less of a threat, as you just have to kill them and get away, as they will explode. However, when it does explode, you get to pick up the carcass and use it as a weapon. The attacks unleashed by this improvised weapon can be pretty devastating too. Be careful when taking them on, as they have a very powerful charging attack.

If you need a more visual guide of where to find the Gorger and Gatherer spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, check out the video below.

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