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Bioware Working on new Dragon Age

Dragon Age

Even as work continues on Anthem, a new IP, Bioware fans are looking for more about more established franchises.

Bioware’s Mark Darrah disclosed an interesting tidbit to fans on Twitter today. He confirmed that Bioware is working on both Anthem and a new Dragon Age game.

There is still no official word on what the new Dragon Age will be called or what Bioware’s plans are for it, but at least fans know that a team is on the case at Bioware.

In related news, a report that appeared on Kotaku also cites unknown ‘sources’ with details that Anthem will not appear until 2019 and development has not exactly been going smoothly. Those sources say that the combination of controversies affecting the dev team and some constant issues with the engine used for the project have combined to force development into a bad place.

Ever since the release of Mass Effect Andromeda and the disappointing reception that received from gamers, there have been all kinds of shake-ups at the studio by EA. Fans will be very skeptical of how EA could handle another beloved franchise. Hopefully they don’t shove loot boxes into Dragon Age.

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