How to get the Boots of the Assembler Exotic in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is live, bringing with it a bunch of new items and fun stuff to do. As usual, there are requirements that players have to fulfill to get these new items. With this season, there are some new high-Power missions to take on. Players get to fight their way through powerful waves of beefed-up Fallen and get a special Exotic reward at the end of various runs. For the Boots of the Assembler, the run is all about Lost Sectors. So if you want to get the Blessing of Order perk that offers cool new stacking buff, you will want this armor for your Warlock.

Here’s how to get the Boots of the Assembler in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer.

To get the item you will either have a Rare (Legend difficulty) or Common (Master difficulty) mission to run. Each one has a chance to drop a piece of Exotic armor if you finish the Lost Sector solo.

The Lost Sectors will also have modifiers, and Champions, so expect lots of difficult enemies to take down. Lost Sectors on Europa are the best source for these items. You could also try Cosmodrome for a couple of options, depending on the day you’re playing. Here’s the list of Lost Sectors that you can run to get the new Exotic:

  • Concealed Void
  • Bunker E15
  • Exodus Garden 2A
  • K1 Logistics
  • K1 Communion
  • K1 Crew Quarters
  • Perdition
  • Veles Labyrinth
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Each day, players will have to unlock a new set of challenges and complete them to earn various rewards. There will be one Master and one Legendary each day. During that time, each version of the high-level raid will offer a specific set of drops. For the Boots of the Assembler Exotic, it can drop on different days. Today, the boots drop on the 1330 Power Exodus Garden 2A. That’s a Master difficulty run, so expect some hardship.

With this difficulty rating, you will see Fallen Champions that have bonuses to shields and other stats. The Fallen bosses in the run will have Scorched Earth and Overload, and be much tougher. Players will also have to deal with locked equipment, making versatility a lot more difficult to manage.


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