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A Conjured Amalgamate Guide for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Guide - Intro to Strikes

Conjured Amalgamate is the first boss of Raid Wing 6 in Guild Wars 2. This giant rocky boy is no slouch either, he packs quite the punch. This raid boss has many phases, but he’s not too hard to take down. This is a very long boss fight, as it has six total phases, so this guide will help you learn the fight so you’re prepared. Here’s everything you need to know.

What do you need to complete Conjured Amalgamate?

Here are some general tips on what to bring, as well as what to watch out for when fighting this raid boss.

  • It’s a 5-phase fight with an 8-minute enrage timer, so have someone keeping track of these things.
  • Path of Fire mounts are a must here, as you will need to bypass some navigational hazards on the way in.
  • A good support setup is key in this fight. The Conjured Amalgamate is a straightforward fight with predictable phases, but it can be lethal if you’re not aware of these phases.
  • Having good DPS and preferably Berserkers to handle tanking is a must here. This beast hits very hard, and most classes will melt very quickly under its giant rocky blows.
  • Players who know the particular phases should be assigned to key roles, like gathering orbs.

Conjured Amalgamate Phases Explained

Phase 1


This AoE attack has a few nasty surprises to it. It will lay down a giant cone AoE when this attack fires. You have a few choices to make as a group. The direction of the attack is based on the group’s position relative to the boss. If the majority of people are standing on the right side, it slams with its left arm. If they’re standing on the left side, it slams with its right arm.

Conjured Amalgamate Guild Wars 2 Cone

You will need to dodge out of the cone, or Aegis through the damage. Dodging out of the way can still mean you get hit by the secondary aftershock that is Tremor, be mindful of that. Healers and Boon support need to be ready to recover from knockdowns and big hits. After the boss drops its arm and the attack is dodged, wail on the arm. The more DPS you do now, the shorter future phases can be.

Conjured Weapons

Throughout the fight, the boss will regularly summon either a shield or sword in a spectral form. The first summon will be the sword, followed by the shield. The pattern will then repeat. The goal is to take down the summoned weapons ASAP.

The Shields have a CC bar that must be broken. During this phase, you will need to focus on killing the summoned adds as quickly as possible. When you kill either weapon, there will be a small green AoE circle around it on the ground. Run over and pick it up. This unlocks a special action skill that will be needed to beat the boss. The goal in this phase is to stack as many iterations of this skill as you can. You can collect up to 10 swords or shields in this part.

Assign a couple of players to grab one of the weapons, exclusively, a single player cannot hold both. The Sword Special action is used to DPS the boss. The Shield special action is used to reduce huge incoming hits. It applies a flat 10% damage reduction when triggered. Hang onto it for when you need it. If you’re about to wipe, this can turn the tide. Both of these last 30 seconds and are denoted by a buff marker on your UI.

Big Clap

If you haven’t managed to break one of his arms, in the first phase, Conjured Amalgamate will do a big clap attack. Use the Shield Special Action to keep the raid up when this happens. This happens after three rotations with the summoned weapons. You need to be ready for it and have Shield stacks ready to use. You cannot dodge, block, or use invulnerability to avoid damage.

When you manage to break an arm, phase 2 begins.

Phase 2

Pulverize doesn’t show up during this phase, so it’s time to focus all DPS on the arms. There is a new attack sequence to worry about, though.


Three sets of orbs will be summoned. Avoid the Purple Orbs, these hurt a lot. The green orbs with white slashes through them represent swords and running into one gives you a stack of Conjured Slash. The green orbs with white auras around them represent shields. Both give the same buffs from the previous phase. Stockpile the Shield and Sword Orbs, you’re going to need them.

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The dedicated players should be running around the platform, trying to catch the green orbs. The shield catcher should run around, starting from the right side, and catch shield orbs. SWord catcher should start from the left side and run around, catching their assigned orbs.

Guild Wars 2 Raid Guide

One thing to note is that you SHOULD NOT allow the boss to grab any shield orbs. The effect will give the boss a stack of Conjured Barrier which reflects damage back. It can be very lethal if this happens. Have a player solely dedicated to grabbing Shield Orbs so the boss doesn’t get them. This is when the Sword Orbs come into play in Phase 2. If Conjured Amalgamate has collected two Shield buffs, you need to use 2 Sword buff activations to break its dome. Breaking the dome ends the reflection effect. Try to save some Sword buffs for the next part, if you can.

Junk Wall

The Junk Wall is the next attack you will see. A loud whirring noise is your cue that this is coming. The boss will sweep its remaining arm around, summoning a torrent of junk to assail the raid with. The boss will fire a beam of junk at the party, starting on the side of the arm you just took out.


After the Junk Wall is done, the boss will commit to a new phase involving a lot of fire.

Phase 3

The same pattern as phase 1, but uses Junk Fall in place of the Clap attack. There is on key difference though, a new attack. Avoid the orange AoE circles and you will be fine. The Shield player should be ready to help keep anyone caught out of position from getting downed to the hail of scrap.

Keep up with the pattern, and keep applying DPS, and you will eventually break off an arm. The big thing to pay attention to is what arm you destroyed in this phase.

Phase 4


This is where things get dicey. The first thing you need to pay attention to is where to stand. This is determined by what arm you broke last phase. The rotation to pick up sword and shield orbs should remain the same. Everyone other than the orb collectors needs to stand on the proper side. For instance, if you killed the boss’s left arm (the one on their right) in Phase 3, you need to stack on the left side.

Double Junk Wall

A much larger torrent of trash will try to take out your group here. The first junk wall will spawn on the same side as the arm you killed in phase 3, so keep that in mind. This is why you’re stacking up. So if you stacked on the left side, you should see the first junk wall form on the opposite side. Immediately after that first one finishes, another will spawn on the side you’re on. Shield players should be waiting for this to drop shield stacks on the party.

The other way to handle this is to nuke the boss and skip the second junk wall. Elite raiding groups with really tuned builds should be able to skip the phase for the most part. This also saves time on having to collect shields if you can pull it off. If you’re brand new though, don’t try this approach. 25% health is the threshold for this phase change.

Phase 5

This is the final part of the fight and you will see both arms regenerate. At this point. the fight effectively restarts from the beginning.

The breakdown goes like this:

  • One arm Pulverizes, then deal damage to that hand.
  • The other arm will trigger AoEs, dodge them.
  • Orb phase with double the amount of Orbs.
  • Repeat three times.

The boss will also trigger another Clap here, so be ready to use one Shield to block the Junk Wall, then have another ready to deal with the Clap.

From here. it’s a DPS race to beat that last bit of health. And once you’re done, you have defeated Conjured Amalgamate in Guild Wars 2.

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