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No Man’s Sky Synthesis update introduces ship customization

No Man’s Sky Visions Update Revealed

Hello Games just dropped the newest free update for their flagship space exploration title, No Man’s Sky. The Beyond and Abyss updates already pushed the exploration gameplay to new heights and wonderful lows, and it looks like No Man’s Sky Synthesis is set to build on that progress. The game has grown a lot since that rather infamously bad launch, with multiple free expansions adding a bunch of new content. New planet types, new crafting and trading options, and so much more has come to this game over the years.

The starship system has been massively overhauled in No Man’s Sky Synthesis. Gamers will now be able to upgrade and augment their starships in completely new ways. Appearance options have been expanded too, allowing players to alter every aspect of both their character model and ship look. Crafting options are being retooled in this update too, just like in Visions.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the changes coming:

The update will also pack in some changes to the ways players interact with the planets of No Man’s Sky. The biggest new addition is the Terrain Manipulator getting a rework. The developer is making the impact of this system a little clearer with some new visual elements and UI tweaks for one thing. Gameplay is also getting a tweak by the blending of non-VR and VR features together. This means being able to ride creatures and drive vehicles in first-person, without a headset.

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The company has also revealed that it has even more planned for the future with “impactful future updates” that will come in the months ahead with a “host of improvements.” The team believes these are changes the “community would be excited about.” What that means isn’t exactly clear though.

The No Man’s Sky Synthesis update is set to arrive tomorrow on all platforms. Once the update goes live, you’ll be able to grab it for free.


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