How to get into the sports hall of fame in BitLife

How to get into the sports hall of fame in BitLife

There’s plenty of money and fame to be had for professional athletes. The years of effort can finally pay off when you’re able to just relax and enjoy the results of your efforts. You might be interested in being a professional athlete as a result. But that takes tons of effort.  For that reason, some choose to live out that fantasy in games. BitLife has its own options for that.

You can become a professional athlete in BitLife, and make plenty of cash. And just like the real world, there are ways to get to the pinnacle of your chosen sport. You might want to pursue trying to enter the sports hall of fame in BitLife. The sports hall of fame in BitLife takes years to get into, and like many other things in the game, you do need to get lucky a bit. Here’s how you enter the hall of fame.

How to get into the sports hall of fame in BitLife

You need to first get into the sport of choice. Choose an extracurricular activity that is a sports team. Any sports can be chosen from early in life to try and become a pro in. You can first join a sports team in Middle School, do that ASAP. Every time you age up, make sure to keep visiting the gym and going for runs to keep your Health up. That’s key to doing well with this. You need to also begin practicing for your team regularly.

Keep aging up and doing well in school. The combination of high Health, good grades and a good sports performance rating should be maintained through High School as well. Once you spend enough time invested, you could get lucky with a pro sports offer. Your character has to remain in the sport for at least three years before this happens. Accept the proposal from a pro team when you get it.

If you don’t get an offer for a pro contract, continue into college. If you did well enough, you should be offered a college scholarship to get through for free. This will help improve your chances of a pro offer as well.

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Much like Fame for celeb characters, pro athletes have a special stat. This is called Greatness, and it’s a measure of how good you are. As you play more and win awards, this rating should increase. The MVP awards and the hall of fame inductions both use this stat to track progress. Keep your Greatness above 90% by constantly staying in good shape. You might also want to go on a diet to keep your Health up.

Every time you age up, your score is calculated and the rating of your team can improve. The better you pay attention to your athletic ability, the better the rating comes out. Your Health score and your contribution to your career are very important. There are a few core activities to repeat to keep these meters green. Here are the things to keep track of:

Once your character has relatively high stats and is an esteemed athlete, you increase the odds of an offer to join the sports hall of fame in BitLife. This will take a while though. You have to spend quite a bit of time in professional sports for this to happen. As your team improves, you can win championships as well. The basic idea is that the more championships you win, the better your odds of an invite.

The timing to actually get the invite varies. Some players report a wait as long as 20 years to get an invite. And during that time, they had to remain active in their chosen sport. It’s a long haul effort, but it’s worth it for the achievements and challenges.

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