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[DEV BLOG] Bring Your Friends: Buddy Invitations For Trial Users!


A very simple but welcome change has come to EVE Online. It’s long been a requirement that those players who want to invite friends to the game for a reward, would already have to have a paying account for the game to do so. CCP has read the writing on the wall and made what I would consider to be a good decision.

Now, players can invite new players even during their 30-day trial periods.  This means that if you invite a friend who then upgrades, you get a reward of 30 days of free gametime.  Trial users who use this new system will not receive PLEX rewards, so no farming ISK from trial invites.

Overall, this signals a change in CCP’s mindset that they not only want to boost revenue at a time when their public perception from a financial perspective has lacked, they are clearly more receptive of new players than ever before.  With the New Player Experience revamps, coming null sec changes lowering the barrier to entry, and a shift in marketing overall.

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