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The clashes between CFC and BL in Venal have now reached a new apex, in a clash over 2 moons recently.  Both sides fielded large Tengu fleets, with Black Legion bringing slightly more of the now-ubiquitous ships while the CFC supported theirs with triage Chimeras and a moderate-sized “Boot” fleet of Archons. The battle itself was over two “money” moons in the 8CIX system, one belonging to Black Legion and another to Out-of-Sight, a Russian alliance living in Venal who are allied with BL.

Black Legion arrived in the 8CIX system ahead of CFC, allowing them to setup a gate camp on the lone gate into the system.  This resulted in a tense standoff until the CFC attempted a breakthrough.  This expeditionary force took the form of 20 Archons.  Unfortunately for the CFC, the time that BL had to setup paid off, and most off the ships were lost before the main fleet of the CFC could even establish a formation.  at this point the CFC Tengu fleet disengaged and warped off grid.  This gave BL the time it needed to wipe out one of the CFC’s triage carriers and reduce the effectiveness of it’s reps on the field.

CFC responded to this loss by bringing a reinforced Tengu fleet back on grid, right on top of the main BL force.

With the two fleets now all-in and engaged in brawling range, the DPS race was on: the CFC fleet primaried Black Legion’s logistics while Black Legion began downing the CFC’s triage Chimeras before the decision was made to begin destroying tackle in preparation for a withdrawl. With most of their Scimitars dead, and the CFC fleet still having several dozen of their own, Black Legion was forced to extricate.

As the dust settled, CFC forces appeared to have lost 3 carriers, most of their support ships and a handful of Scimitars, as well as a token Circle-of-Two Ahac fleet; Black Legion lost approximately 25 Scimitars and a small handful of Tengus who were unable to escape tackle when the fleet warped.
With the battle won, the CFC’s capital forces cleaned up the two POSes in-system, and both sides made their way home.

Video of the fight from BL perspective:
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