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Prosperous Universe’s Expanse update is now live

Prosperous Universe

Titled the Expanse, this new update allows players even more flexibility within the already impressively detailed digital universe. Expanse, fittingly named by the way, offers players the chance to engage in politics. This is one area where Prosperous Universe was previously lacking, but not anymore. Now, players can run political campaigns, with attack ads and everything, to try and become the governor of a planet within the wider game. Those who don’t wish to run directly can try to exert some shadowy influence by backing another candidate.

The Governor must still be held by the rules of the faction or league that their ruled planet belongs to, so it’s not quite free reign to become a slaving tyrant. Prosperous Universe also offers other gameplay options too. Developer Simulogics wants to implement more systems with an aim of “encouraging players to spread out into the far reaches of space” in their exploratory efforts.

Players are routinely encouraged to go out and find new opportunities within the universe of Prosperous Universe. Whether that be through exploiting economic development, resource production, politics or some other enigmatic element, there’s always options, and always money to be made.

For those you have never heard of it, Prosperous Universe is a free-to-play space-based MMO, with an almost-exclusive focus on the economic and political side of that concept. This isn’t a game about commanding fleets or exploring wormholes for hidden loot like EVE Online, but it definitely is spreadsheets in space. The game has been in the works for a while, but the developers have hit their stride in the last few months, pushing out regular updates.

If that sounds like your kind of game, go download the client from the site. if you’re unsure and want to see a bit more about it, why not take a look at the new trailer for the game down below.

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