How to build a raft in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a game all about survival. When you’re not struggling to find food and water, you need to be thinking about long-term survival. To make the best use of your time in the game, and ensure your survival, you’re eventually going to need to leave the starter island. You can focus on the basics like food and tools to start. From there, you need to learn what it takes to build a raft.

How to make a raft in Stranded Deep

You will need basic materials like sticks to start with. After that, start gathering and crafting some lashing. You can then use that to make the basics of a raft. You need to make a few different parts, as you need a base to make the craft buoyant, and then you build onto that base. Depending on the look you want, you have a few different options to choose from.

Make a Base

For each kind of raft, you need to start by making a base for it. Players will find that this is much more involved, but not too hard, compared to other recipes in the game. As you get into more complex variants, like the raft made from barrels, you will need to pour more resources into it. The ability to gather and craft the constituent parts is key in being successful in Stranded Deep. So use the list below and figure out how to make all these items.

  • Wood Raft base – 14x Stick, 1x Lashing
  • Buoy Raft base – 5x Buoy Ball, 1x Lashing
  • Tyre Raft base – 2x Tyre, 1x Lashing
  • Barrel Raft base – 3x Barrel, 1x Lashing

Once you have the base, it’s time to actually add a floor. The base of a raft is just what makes it float, not what you actually ride on.

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Crafting the Floor

The basic floors can be made with sticks, but once again there are plenty of more complex options. Players can find Steel, for the most advanced versions, near shipwrecks on the island. These are very rare though, so it will take time to gather. You can also gather clay bricks from the Brick Station and then use that to craft the final bricks via a Furnace.

  • Driftwood raft floor – 4x Stick
  • Plank Raft floor – 2x Plank
  • Corrugated Raft floor – 2x Corrugated Steel
  • Clay Raft floor – 2x Clay Brick

Set Sail

Before you actually begin to sail, you need to keep crafting and get some basic components. There’s a need for a sail and a few other items. You need a Rudder to steer the boat too. To get ready to set sail, you need to have these things up and running. You don’t need all of these to get going right away, but the most advanced one is pretty hard to get. The Boat Motor involves hunting shipwrecks and finding the parts you need, and that takes a lot of time. You can just go with the sail for the basic version. The Motor just makes the raft move faster.

So if you want to get going, here’s what you need to make.

  • Boat motor- 1x Duct Tape, 1x Engine Part, 1x Fuel Part, 1x Filter Part, 1x Electrical Part
  • Sail- 1x Lashing, 1x Cloth, 2x Stick
  • Anchor- 1x Lashing, 1x Cloth, 2x Stick
  • Rudder- 6x Rock, 1x Stick, 4x Lashing
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