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The Crew 2 starts closed beta this month

The Crew 2 Beta

Ubisoft has announced that open-world multiplayer racing sequel The Crew 2 will be be getting a closed beta on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, starting on Tuesday, May 29th.

This beta encompasses the new designed USA map areas, and covers the four main driving disciplines players will master over the course of the game. Those four disciplines include Street Race, Rally Raid, Powerboat, and Aerobatics. The Crew 2 also features a new fast-change system that allows players to switch instantaneously between one vehicle to another. So say you’re flying across the Golden Gate Bridge doing stunt jumps in a sports car, you can use the Fast-Fav system to transition to a boat down in the water.

The Crew 2 game world allegedly covers the entire planet Earth, with hundreds of landmarks to drive, fly and boat between. Along the way you’ll race dozens of other players in real-time events. The game looks impressive graphically and the driving physics, assuming they’re as good or better than the first game, will be mind-blowing in The Crew 2.

The Crew 2‘s closed beta will begin on Thursday May 31st, at 9am UK time, and reach its conclusion at 9am on Monday June 4th. Players do need to register via the beta website for the game to get in. Sadly, and beta progress will not carry over to the full release.

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To hype up fans, Ubisoft has released a gaggle of new trailers for The Crew 2, which you can view below.

The full version of The Crew 2 is due to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June 29th.

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