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Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement remaster killed by lawsuit

Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement

Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement has been in the works for years. Rockstar and Take-Two have yet to port the original Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform. The game was originally ported to the PS3 and Xbox 360, telling the later tales of John Marston as he attempts to track down the rogue members of his old crime gang in the closing days of America’s Old West.

If you didn’t know what Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement is, you might have been disappointed. The team behind the fan mod were working to completely port the original game to the PC. The project originally planned to use an integrated form of emulation for the basis of the mod To help with the project’s goals, the modders announced that they would work with the RPCS3 and Xenia teams to improve UX and UI elements, as well as polish up all of the visuals.

It was originally thought that this plan would make it immune to direct takedown attempts or lawsuits, as it would essentially occupy the same space as fan patches and translations, by just altering the game files and not distributing any copyrighted code or assets. But those hopes have now been dashed by the publisher as a suit has been filed in New York court against a Johnathan Wyckof, one of those involved with the project.

Here’s a quote from the lawsuit, which Take-Two explained quite clearly why they cannot allow the project to continue. The justification is pretty sound. Not only is there the legal precedent set for rights holders to have to defend their properties, but also Rockstar and Take Two have way too much stock in the franchise to let it lie fallow. There’s still some hope that an official PC release of Red Dead Redemption will come out. So even though Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement is dead, there remains some hope for the future.

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This isn’t even the first time the company has struck down such projects. The company has gone after modding in their properties before, including high-profile cases with Grand Theft Auto 5.

“Those unauthorized changes include importing the entire game map of 2010’s Red Dead Redemption into the 2018 game Red Dead Redemption II; enhancing graphics and visuals in Take-Two’s Red Dead Redemption game; allowing players to play an enhanced version of the game on personal computer. PC is a platform for which Take-Two itself has not yet released the Read Dead Redemption game.”

Because of this news, the project is no longer in the works. According to the modders behind the effort, they have officially shut down production on the fan remake after this legal threat.

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