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Alien Hominid Invasion Announced

Alien Hominid Invasion

Alien Hominid Invasion has been announced, and is a full sequel to the classic shooter. By building out the genre that classic titles like Castle Crashers would later dominate, there’s been plenty of people who wanted more. Alien Hominid came around back in 2002, with the developer The Behemoth showed gamers in the Xbox 360 era what a frantic and enjoyable action game could be. The original Alien Hominid managed to show just how fun blasting aliens to bits could be despite incredibly simple graphics and gameplay. Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater both further refined the formula, pushing the team to new heights.

Now, there’s a sequel finally coming out soon. The Behemoth has revealed that the new game will be a complete revival of the formula with ew mechanics, gameplay, progression, and other tweaks.. Said developer also released a new trailer for the sequel. Check that trailer out down below. According to the studio, it’s a “co-op arcade shooter will be an all new re-imagination of the studio’s first game, Alien Hominid HD”.

The game will be playable at both PAX East 2020 (happening from February 27-March 1, 2020) and EGX Rezzed 2020 (happening from March 26-28, 2020). So if you happen to be sitting at either of these conventions, you can see the game first hand.

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